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Mission Statement:

To develop and commercialize an ultra-high efficiency generator to power 100% off-grid buildings and electric vehicle based on a newly discovered aspect of physics; the ability to convert the effects of g-force into kinetic motion.

Advanced, Game-Changing Energy Generation Technology

Independent Energy LLC is a group of inventors/engineers who have designed a new green energy technology that will fundamentally improve the way the world creates, distributes and consumes energy that is based upon a newly discovered and previously undocumented aspect of physics; the ability to convert the effects of centrifugal force into kinetic motion.


Science Based, Mathematically Proven

After years of extensive research and experimental verification, Independent Energy, Inc. is ready to build a computer modeled prototype, demonstrating the significant energy savings that can be generated through its new centrifugal-based power generator design. The system is called the P6G Centrifugal Force Generator.