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Independent Energy, Inc. is seeking to form a joint venture partnership offering the opportunity for the ground-floor participation in an exciting, disruptive technology that has the potential to improve everything about the world creates, distributes and consumes energy. This technology has the potential to positively impact virtually every industry and improve the lifestyle of people for generations into the future.

1.) It will perform better than fossil fuel and nuclear power enabling a market-driven phase out of these polluting technologies. Eliminates the expense of grid installation, maintenance and infrastructure. Eliminates possibility of weather related grid disruptions. Eliminates national security threat of man-made grid disruptions.

2.) It will enable industrialized nations to expand commerce with zero environmental impact enjoying a flat-rate, use as much as you need/want cost model. Manufacturing and transportation energy costs are flat, regardless of consumption. Home owners can heat/light/cool larger spaces without an incremental increase in cost.

3.) It will enable a new type of non fossil-fuel, all electric vehicle to significantly outperform any competitor of any fuel source. (capable of completely powering all types of new electric transportation; cars, trucks, trains, buses, aircraft, ships)

4.) It will afford first-time access to high levels of electricity for billions of the worlds poor. Eliminates deaths from cooking smoke inhalation and increases overall lifestyle, affording access to ALL the labor-saving modern conveniences enjoyed in industrialized nations.

Manufacturing Partnerships: Independent Energy, LLC is interested in collaborating with existing select manufacturing/engineering firm(s) in a joint venture partnership that will develop a fully functional customized product for their particular industry.

Financial Partnerships: Independent Energy is prepared to work with a financial partner to build the team and infrastructure necessary to implement the 10-year business plan.

Industry Installation/Service Partners: Independent Energy is interested in exploring a joint venture partnership with an existing solar, wind turbine, battery, or other similar company to implement parts or the entire 10-year business plan.

Business Plan

1.) Advanced Proof-of-Concept: (optional - within 11 months) This advanced proof-of-concept initiative is available if our potential partner requires it as a means to reduce investment risk. Build an advanced computer-modeled proof of concept unit that subjects the key aspect to simulated multiple g-force conditions; amplifying the process and enabling outside evaluators the ability to collect data and quantify the effects of centrifugal force used to create kinetic motion as previously proven in earlier 1G experiments.

2. Virtual Prototype: (Within year 1-2) design a complete computer-modeled generator. Initially we will need to hire at least two additional experts in computer modeling and custom simulation with one having the focus in mechanical engineering (components and systems) and the other in computer software (high speed sensors/robotics).

3.) Licensing & Technology Transfer (Years 1-2+) Using the engineering analysis simulation model, license OEM manufacturers in every other applicable industry and application using their existing distribution channels. Licensee’s will include hundreds of manufacturers that will make product to power buildings worldwide plus multiple manufacturers each in categories including: cars, trucks, buses, tractor trailers, motorcycles, RV’s, utility vehicles, pleasure boats, transport ships, yachts, cruise ships, private aircraft, commercial aircraft and military vehicles (all types). Company becomes primarily a technology transfer and patent protection operation.

4.) Non-Profit: (Year 3+) Establish a non-profit with the purpose of bringing the technology to worlds poor at no or low-cost to the user.  The non-profit will buy and distribute product in the marketplace using funds created from their independent operation.