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RANGE: The P6G will significantly increase the range of electric vehicles (EV's) far beyond what any internal combustion gasoline, diesel, natural gas or other hybrid vehicle can achieve. IE's EV technology is similar to a fossil-fuel hybrid electric vehicle but instead of carrying a gasoline generator on board to recharge the battery to extend range, the vehicle will carry a generator that is far more efficient and does not operate from fossil fuel. Our technology uses a small amount of electricity as the fuel to create a large amount of G-force via centripetal acceleration. We know to use g-force as a new input source of energy to drive the generator.

We calculate our system will achieve efficiency in the 95% range. Although it is true that some electric motors can achieve efficiency of upwards of 93%, however, these motors are drawing 100% of their input energy from an external source (vehicle’s battery). Our provisionally patented technology achieves 95% efficiency, while it only draws only 5% from the vehicles battery with the balance coming from our proprietary method of utilizing the multiplied effect from G-Forces. The electric vehicle can drive for a far longer time period creating a significant increase in range, even when driven at higher speeds, with full use of real world accessories.

Even with a highly efficient generator on board, the vehicles battery will eventually need to be recharged.

100% OFF-GRID, HIGH VOLTAGE RECHARGING: The land based P6G unit will operate from a battery that is recharged from a relatively small solar array and/or small wind turbine. Drawing a relatively low amount from the battery allows inconsistent sources such as solar and wind more than adequate time to recharge the battery. The off-grid building can generate enough energy for its own operation and for vehicle high voltage recharging 24/7 with zero emissions without any contribution or reliance from the grid.