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Independent Energy has a diverse team from a wide variety of backgrounds, experience and practical knowledge. Our founders have the proven skill set to build first time mechanical devices. The founders have recruited other team members including professionals, consultants and contributors and those from academia (PhD's in Physics and MBA's) and other engineers with practical industrial experience. The overall team has designed and built high performance race car engines (setting multiple world records), submarines, fuel cells, coal, nuclear and natural gas power plants, satellite gyroscopic navigational systems and more.

Science Based - Mathematically Proven

Bringing these creative individuals together has enabled the team to question the basic assumptions of traditional power generation and has allowed them to create a new method which is truly the quintessential ideal of "thinking outside the box". For more about the basic science behind our technology see: Experimental Verification page.


Fred Ball: President and CEO. Fred is overseeing the day-to-day execution of company operations and working diligently to bring our equipment to realization. Fred has considerable experience working within upper management within these industries: Corporate Aviation/Aerospace, Manufacturing/Engineering, Finance/Wealth Management, Consumer Products, Consumer Packaging, Publishing, Art-Graphic Design, Advertising/Promotion Agencies. https://www.linkedin.com/in/fredcball



Philip E. Philleson: Executive Vice President of Engineering. Phil is responsible for all engineering operations. Phil possesses hands-on expertise in the design, engineering and production of energy systems and electro/hydraulic-mechanical equipment. Phil was a key member in the design, testing and construction commercial submarines for the world's largest manufacturer; Perry Oceanographic's Inc. Phil was Director of Operations of SeaTec Bahamas Ltd. with the purpose of installing water purification using reverse osmosis technology. His largest project was the construction of the two million gallon per day seawater to potable water plant for Sun International on Paradise Island, Bahamas, primarily for the Atlantis Hotel Resort Complex.



Team Members & Advisors

Paul Farris: Electro-Mechanical Engineering Paul has a background in design development of electro-mechanical components for products within the automotive, medical equipment, aircraft, space and land vehicles.




Employment Highlights
SENTEL Corp. / VT Group: Electro-Mechanical Engineering avionics/electrical engineering for the Pave Hawk (Black Hawk) helicopter

CADSTAR International / Cobham Mission Equipment Staff Engineer – New Product Development Engineering New aircraft in-flight refuel system and related sub-system components design development

American Contract Group, Inc. / AAR Cargo (Aircraft) Staff Engineer (Subject Matter Expert), Product R & D
AIRBUS 400M Cargo delivery system

NASA/Jacobs–Space Vehicle (Constellation Program - Ares I), Senior Propulsion Engineer & Manufacturing Engineering support.  R&D in propulsion components & systems design integration managing development of the liquid fuel oxygen integrated pulse (Pogo Unit) suppressor and fabrication of test articles.

Parker Aerospace – Space Vehicle Controls: Senior Project Design Engineer on electro-mechanical rocket Vector Thrust Control (VTC) unit.

Chipton Ross / Boeing Corporation Equipment Manager: of the Aircraft 747-8 Flap Planetary Gear Drive Unit and associated Linear & Rotary Actuators.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics  Senior Engineer – Electro-Mechanical systems Responsible for aircraft reliability design enhancement studies in fuels systems, flight controls, linear & rotary actuators, and hydraulic systems for determining design upgrades to meet new Air-Force extended life requirements.

Glen Beanard: Electro/Mechanical Systems Glen is an expert at advising on the relationship between mechanical and electronic control systems. Glen is a trained automotive diagnostic technician of 25 years. His primary duties include trouble shooting of all electronically controlled vehicle systems. Glen's extracurricular industry involvements include serving as an automotive technical instructor. He has also written numerous technical based magazine articles in which he explains the theory and operation of various automotive electronic control systems, and how to effectively diagnose failures within them. He regularly performs beta testing of automotive computer diagnostic software, to aid the continuous improvements of scan tool accuracy. He has also served, as a subject matter expert for ASE (Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) for the creation of new certification test questions.

Thomas L. Graves: Computer Systems Thomas was trained in the computer field and received a degree in Mechanical and Electrical Technology while a member of the US Air Force. After the Air Force, his career continued for a total of 33 years, working in both federal and state governments, as well as for civilian companies. Thomas has experience writing technical manuals and procedures in his computer field. He has also lectured on the subject of computer automation to several federal, state, and private institutions.




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Scott H Bellows
SC PTAC Program Manager
Small Business Development Center
Columbia, SC 29201

Scott H Bellows has an extensive background in government contracting. He currently holds a part-time position with the South Carolina Procurement Technical Assistance Center hosted by the South Carolina Small Business Development Center and provides business consulting services with an emphasis on organizational development and international trade. Prior to this, he was employed by the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, as an Executive Officer and Private Sector Officer where he worked for 12 years with overseas tours in Somalia, Nicaragua and Jamaica. Prior to this he worked for an engineering firm and spent more than four years with them working in the Egyptian Ministry of Development. He speaks Arabic and Spanish and holds master’s degrees from Columbia University in New York and the University of Southern California in Los Angles.

"I began working with Independent Energy from the beginning in my capacity with the SC Small Business Development Center and have stayed in constant contact with them ever since. This group--that knew Dr. Cure and participated directly or indirectly with his work--recognized the implications of his research and findings. When you work with as many clients as I do, you gain an appreciation for how important passion is. This is an organization destined for success."

Scott H Bellows



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